The 老葡京手机app nursing program offers three convenient paths to an in-demand and rewarding career. 这取决于你的目标, 我们的8周, 2年, and 4-year programs will help you begin your nursing career. 无论你选择什么方式, you will become an excellent nurse who will succeed in helping the people around you.



As a nurse, you will provide compassionate care to patients and your community.  You will work as part of a medical team to foster recovery and health. 

While nurses continue to provide bedside care, their job scope has increased. 注册ed nurses (RNs) can advocate for patients, 做出医疗决定, and use new technology for better health outcomes. Nurses visit people in their homes or meet them virtually through telehealth appointments. By studying nursing, you will be prepared to provide the next generation of patient care.


为什么要学习护理 at 老葡京手机app?

Student Nurse preparing syringe of medication in medical setting

To prepare for your nursing career, you’ll learn from our expert faculty in our classrooms, 仿真实验室, and local clinical settings. You will work directly with patients in nursing homes, 医院, 家庭护理机构, 技术设施.


We offer three programs that will launch your career in nursing. First, we provide two degree programs that train you to become a 注册ed nurse.

  1. The Associate Degree in 护理 (与) program can be completed in two years over five semesters.
  2. The Bachelor's Degree in 护理 (BSN) program is offered in the traditional semester format over 8 semesters. Through our partnership with the University of 新墨西哥, you will graduate with both an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  3. We also have a Certified 护理 Assistant (CNA) program that can be completed in just 8 weeks.

Pathway to Your RN License

Students who complete the 与 or BSN nursing programs will be eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become licensed as 注册ed nurses. 在2020年和2021年, 100% of our nursing students passed the exam on their first attempt. 


老葡京手机app is dedicated to preparing a qualified, 多样化的, and professional nursing workforce in 新墨西哥. As a proud member of the 新墨西哥 护理 教育 Consortium (NMNEC), we partner with the University of 新墨西哥 to provide our students with a convenient pathway to earning a bachelor's degree in nursing. 在这个节目中, you can earn both an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in nursing in just four years.



Students working in a 仿真实验室 with medical dummy on bedAs a nursing student, you'll gain hands-on experience in our 健康科学s Simulation Center. This 仿真实验室 helps you build the skills you need to provide quality care. Our teachers will provide you with in-depth instruction in each simulation to train you for future patients. 除了, each room is equipped with cameras, 麦克风, and monitors so instructors can help you debrief and suggest improvements.


  • 急诊室
  • 加护病房
  • 护士站
  • 劳动与分娩单位
  • Simulation lab and control room
  • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal patient simulators

护理 Degree and Certificate Options


Associate Degree in 护理 (与)

Student dressed in scrubs with other students in classroom setting


The 与 nursing program prepares you to be a 注册ed nurse. In this two-year curriculum, you will learn important nursing concepts in seminars, 我们的模拟实验室, 和临床环境. You will learn to work alongside doctors to perform patient assessments, 治疗疾病和伤害, and follow up on patient care plans.

Upon completing the program, you will be able to take the National Council Licensing Examination for licensure as a 注册ed nurse (RN). 一旦你获得了执照, you can work in a variety of healthcare settings, 比如医院, 社区诊所, 和急诊诊所. 


Bachelor's Degree in 护理 (BSN)

护理 student looking at camera with other students in background in 仿真实验室

Our BSN program is offered in partnership with the University of 新墨西哥 (UNM). It will give you comprehensive nursing knowledge on your path to becoming a 注册ed nurse—all while staying on the 老葡京手机app campus. After this four-year program, you will earn both an associate in nursing from 老葡京手机app and a bachelor’s in nursing from UNM. 

You will learn and practice important nursing concepts in seminars, 仿真实验室, 和临床环境. You will learn to work with medical teams to perform patient assessments, 治疗疾病和伤害, and follow up on patient care plans. Compared to the 与 program, you will take additional classes in 仿真实验室 and in-person clinics that will provide you with more experience. You will also take more nursing electives to bolster your nursing education. 

After you complete the program, you will be able to take the National Council Licensing Examination for licensure as a 注册ed nurse (RN). 在你通过之后, you can work in a variety of healthcare settings, 比如医院, 社区诊所, 和急诊诊所. Your bachelor’s degree will also open doors to leadership positions and nursing specialties. 


Certified 护理 Assistant (CNA)

Two nursing students discussing patient care in 仿真实验室

Start your nursing career in just 8 weeks as a Certified 护理 Assistant. 作为CNA, you will provide hands-on care to patients in medical settings under the supervision of 注册ed nurses.

Through 老葡京手机app's CNA program, you will learn and practice patient care skills. You will master medical and bedside skills through training in our classrooms, 仿真实验室, and local healthcare facilities. 

作为项目的一部分, you will take 45 class hours and fulfill 90 supervised lab/clinical hours in 我们的模拟实验室 and local health care facilities. After completing the program, you will qualify to take the 新墨西哥 State Certification Examination, which is the certification to become a certified nursing assistant. 通过考试后, you will be ready to assist patients in long-term care facilities, 医院, and rehabilitation centers. 


Photo of Danika Chavez in nursing scrubs

Danika Chavez |护理

Employer: Davita Dialysis & J&J家庭护理
Job Title: 注册ed Nurse
Why did you choose to go to 老葡京手机app?
"I chose to go to 老葡京手机app for a few reasons. 这些原因包括 支付能力, convenience,以及 nursing program in itself. I had to pay out-of-pocket for most of my schooling, so 支付能力, the SJC Foundation Scholarship,以及 经济援助办公室 handling student loans, made it to where I was able to complete my degree."
What did you do to prepare for your career?
大家都知道, 注册ed Nurses are very much needed at this point in time and well, 几乎总是这样. I was able to study for and pass the NCLEX on the first try about a month and a half after I graduated from the program. I was able to start training as a Dialysis Nurse with Davita literally the day after I took my exam. I have been with Davita for around 7 years as a Patient Care Technician so it was an easy adjustment. To expand my nursing knowledge and help a family in need, I started with J & J private duty home care a couple months after I passed my NCLEX. I now work around 50 hours total between Davita and J&J家庭护理."
What advice would you give to future graduates?
"Future graduates, it is NEVER too late to go back to school, or finish school! It is ok to take a few classes in different areas of profession and then change your mind. I started out taking engineering classes until I started with Davita and changed degree paths to nursing. Find out what you love and go for it!"
What was your fondest memory at 老葡京手机app?
"My fondest memory would be my clinical experience at the hospital in general. The staff were amazing and I learned/experienced so much."


As a graduate of 老葡京手机app’s nursing programs, you will be ready to work in a variety of healthcare settings. If you are part of the 与 and BSN program, you will be prepared to take the RN examination and find a career. In 2020, 100% of our 与 and BSN students passed the exam. 除了, 100% of our students found a job upon graduation. 

Our graduates have gone on to work for: 

  • San Juan Regional Medical Center
  • 美慈医疗中心
  • 印度卫生服务
  • Northern Navajo Medical Center
  • 家庭健康服务机构
  • 长期护理机构
  • 其他医疗实践


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Take the next step to your nursing certificate or degree. Apply to 老葡京手机app, and be sure to submit a separate nursing application if you are applying either of the degree programs.

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If you are already a student at 老葡京手机app, we encourage you to talk to your advisor about our nursing programs.

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